Around tables like this one friends and enemies surround.
No matter the culture sitting and eating is one place we will all daily be found.
It's a need we all have and a reminder of weakness.
To see another primally fill his mouth exposes the common meekness.
To pause our shuffling busybodies and relax equidistant.
And fill our bellys with the bread of community to obey our animal instinct.

Now what to do now that we're gathered here all these powerful sons in one place.
Must we strategize and globalize to maintain the feverish pace?
Time is of the essence let's frantically fulfill the great commission.
Let's get the heathens all well for fear of hell and win this war of attrition.
The end will come like a thief in the night, and in that hour what if He finds us partying?
The greasy graces and complacency dripping down our faces.
Is that why revival is tardy?
Call another solemn assembly smash our heads on the wailing wall.
I can't be found in the decadence of gluttons when our Savior comes to call.

Calm down troubled poets now is not the time for travailing intercession.
All of these Trojans home from war have come to rest between their missions.
Let's pour the best wine cupbearer and fill pink cheeks full of laughter.
Let the bellowing sound of joy resound and rise up like incense to the rafters.
And then beyond the roof to the cosmos all connected atemporal in matter.
Since the days of the Levite The Lord has loved a barbecue and the raucous festival banter.
Let us make harmony our mandate, the pursuit of pleasure our first course.
If this wasn't the will of a good creator than why be placed in paradise.
If I molt the scales of my ego, if I shed them from my eyes.
And look across this table at these human blood bought people it dispels most comparison and lies.
Our father wanted a home to rest his head so Moses built a tent in the sand.
With a table inside the holiest shrine and shew bread on it all of the time.
Then Solomon made the table gold and did out with the old surrounded by his fathers constant praise.
But even that temple and its stone would crumble and never again be raised.

So our Jesus hewn His table from the wood that would impale him.
And breathed it like splinters in the flesh of our hearts that our assembly never fail Him.
There is a third table not too many meals from now that is being garnished by angels as I speak.
The wine has been aged and the bedroom staged for two families to finally sit down and eat.
But what of the table in front of us, forget the tables of future past.
To be present with strangers enlightening exchanges is a legacy that will last.
All of these people hand selected in this dysfunctional tribe that nature would never make.
To share and inspire and rekindle some dwindled fire, and laugh for no other reason than we take life too seriously and probably need a break.
Now the revelry of family is filling the room like the herb smoke sliding from the kitchen.
The commune of this kingdom is filling my heart like a belly full of roast in the company of all these fellow Christians.
With different theologies and radical testimonies, tonight we abandon all agreement.
To host Our Fathers presence at a table with friends until the final feasts fulfillment.
Remember each face.