Louder Than The Music ✩✩✩✩✩ record review of "My Resurrection (Live)"

Critically acclaimed songwriter/artist/missionary Daniel Bashta, best known for writing “God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)" has released a new album titled My Resurrection (Live).

Recorded live at Atlanta’s RiverStone Church, a multi-generation community of like-minded believers where Bashta has led worship for the last eight years, My Resurrection (Live) features eight songs and nearly an hour of music, all written and produced by Bashta.

Once alienated from a church plant he helped grow from 200 to 40,000 people, where the pastor told him that he didn’t fit into the traditional worship mold, calling his personality too brash and his songs too creative, Bashta has since went from what felt like the darkest season, to the light of God’s merciful resurrection showing up, changing everything. The album celebrates the acceptance and fervor Bashta has found within his local congregation.

"Thank You Jesus for loving me" are the opening words, and the perfect words to open any album. This country inspired opening track has such a full sound. The voices of the singers and people there at the live recording are so full and rich that it is something that took my breathe away on first listen.

The production and sound of this live album are the best I have ever heard. Seriously. Bass and drums are big, and as I said earlier the voices from everyone on the album are rich and warm and the music overall just sounds fantastic.

Daniel Bashta is a quality songwriter, that goes without saying, and this album is a mix of new songs and songs that the church globally are singing at the moment. These are songs which all point so strongly and creatively lyrically to Jesus. They are so powerful and seem to have been given a different lease of life in this recording. The raw passion feels so fresh.

Daniel speaks so openly about his past and the hardship he has been through, which has led him to record this album. What I found most exciting about these songs, is that they are all point towards the Hope God gives us.

Other great songs on the album include Bellows and Praise and Drenched in Love which will get your foot tapping, your hands clapping, and your voice singing praises to the King of Kings like nothing else matters.

Praise The Invisible is a wonderfully creative track with so much going on musically that its 6 minutes doesn't even feel long enough! The real gem of the album is the song Costly which is a masterpiece. It's one of those song you just have to hear. Words can't describe the haunting beauty in this song. It might be the shortest track on the album at 3 minutes but these are 3 minutes of amazing music. The guest vocals of Harvest Parker on the song are sublime.

At only 8 tracks you might think you are being short changed with this album. But with over an hour of high energy and high quality music this album is not only worth checking out, it's a must. Daniel is not only a great songwriter who is also a great musician, he is also a worshipper who leads with drive and a heart that wants everyone in the room and listening to his music to take steps closer to God. This flows out of this album from start to finish.

Review by Jono Davies

LTTM Rating 5 Out of 5 Stars
Standout Tracks
Drenched in Love
Praise the Lord - Rejoice